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The First Insight to the wedding Industry

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

I don't even know where to start... To say this journey has already been a whirlwind would be an understatement.

When we first discussed A Touch of Kent even being a possibility, we thought it would be incredibly slow moving and INCREDIBLY difficult to get into the industry. How wrong we were!

A few weeks ago Katie and I discussed launching the website and set a realistic date allowing us plenty of time to do everything that was needed, we gave ourselves 4 weeks and wrote a firm plan with realistic targets (we're both mums to 2 young boys so finding the time isn't always easy).

We know what we're capable of but, the thing is, you don't. So we planned a mini Photoshoot to create some examples of our work to show you, ready for the website launch. I set about e-mailing local wedding venues to ask if we could use their grounds for the shoot. I explained that we are a very new company and need the shoot to gather stock images for the site. Some venues we're extremely kind and gave us dates, some venues told us they are far too busy and NO and well the others, didn't even bother responding. RUDE!

(In all honesty, I get it. Post-covid has made the Wedding industry super busy and venues are already rushed off their feet).

However, one venue replied 'Of course, come and use our grounds and, if you come on Saturday 10th September, we have a Wedding Open day and we'd love for you to join us'. This venue is Chilston Park in Lenham, Maidstone.


I squealed with excitement and called Katie to see what she thought.

Of course she was on board. The pressure then hit us that we didn't need to just get ready for a Photoshoot, we needed to get ready for a fair!

Rustic wedding arch, autumn theme, behind the scenes, Chilston Park, artificial flowers
Autumn Rustic Wedding arch

Behind the scenes, a touch of Kent rustic theme autumn wedding arch, Chilston Place
Rustic autumn theme wedding arch

The following few weeks were a range of emotions (quite literally). We went from nervous, excited, stressed, excited, nervous then to disappointment.

The day before, everything ready to go, Our beloved Queen passed away. Out of respect for our Queen, Chilston Park announced they were postponing the event. We were already sad of the recent news the nation is dealing with and then we were even sadder to learn all our stress and hard work was for nothing.

But it wasn't...

Chilston Park very kindly allowed us to still use their grounds on the day to enable us to take the photos we so desperately needed.

The morning came, we borrowed my husbands work van, filled it with all things flowers and signage, dragged the amazing Gemma Watson from @gemmawatsophotography and went in convoy to Chilston.

Van full of pampas grass venue styling Chilston place
Pampas grass display

What was meant to be a 1-2 hour Photoshoot soon turned into 4-5 hours. Three hours of that was Katie & I trying to figure out how to put the Autumn Rustic Arch together as we appeared to have lost our sanity by this point. Gemma however, was incredible. The patience that woman had while Katie and I were tinkering trying to make everything perfect, was... well, very patient!

We did it! We finally finished the shoot! We both felt a huge relief and a moment of feeling so proud that we done it. Especially so early in our adventure.

Things we learnt:

Everything happens for a reason - there is no way we had enough time to do the Photoshoot and the fair in one day on the time scale we gave ourselves. Blessing in disguise!
Always do a trial run! It took way longer than we imagined. Imagine if that had been someone's big day and we're still setting up as she arrived. "Hold on a sec love, won't be much longer!".
Label the bloody wooden arch! (It would have saved us a good 45 mins)

Most importantly we learnt that:


The Wedding Open day will now be on the 16th of October, pop along, meet us and see our gorgeous displays in real life.

We also have Penshurst Place Wedding Fair lined up for 6th November too...

So many exciting things in the pipeline for us coming up and we aren't going to let you down, We promise!

Until then,


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